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Hey, this isn’t Neopets related at all…but I arted and wanted some opinions. :]

My five year anniversary with my fiance is coming up, and I wanted to make some sort of art out of the words he used to ask me out. SOo I came up with this: 

I kinda just wanted to show it off because it makes me happy. :] Opinions?

17 03.19.13
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  1. im22andwhatisthis answered: THIS IS SO ADORABLE THERE ARE NO WORDS
  2. nepetatown answered: It looks wonderful and is a realy sweet idea! I’m sure he’ll love it <33
  3. firespires answered: ;O; Awwww it’s cute and really pretty! And it should make you happy. \;w;/
  4. italisighs answered: that is super adorable!!! you should frame it!
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